Andrew L. Gorman, J.D.
Founder and Managing Director

Andrew Gorman is an American lawyer and venture capitalist who bridges the gap between legal advisor and business strategist.  Andrew is the founder and Managing Director of U.S.-based Alpine Crossing Group Llc and its South African subsidiary, Alpine Invest (Pty) Ltd.   The Alpine companies bring a new approach to VC and private equity funding of projects and startups throughout Africa and globally.  Alpine specializes in identifying and sourcing investment for companies that traditional VC and PE overlook based on perceived country risk or regional unfamiliarity.   An accomplished lawyer, Andrew has negotiated and structured complex cross-borders transactions in concert with diverse partners globally.  Andrew has provided transactional and investment-sourcing services to companies and projects in 14+ countries around the world.  Bringing a unique evaluation approach and open-mind to each project, Andrew leverages his experience in startup finance and international business to find investment opportunities in promising but challenging global emerging markets.  Andrew is a member of the Georgia (U.S.) Bar and received his law degree from the University of Georgia.  He completed his undergraduate work at Florida State University, and has studied international finance at Cornell University, as well as project finance at the University of Cape Town.  When they are not traveling, Andrew and his wife, along with their three children, live in Johannesburg, South Africa and in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


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